Knight’s Shade

Fallen angel turned detective Xavier Knight hasn’t taken a case in a month. He’s too busy laying low to stay out of reach of the Equinox Agency, who want answers about his involvement in the incident that nearly ended the world and almost took the life of EA agent Desiree West. So when Rose McHugh, a makeup artist at Night Shade cosmetics, begs him to find her younger sister Lacy, who vanished without a trace the week before, Xavier refers her to the police.

It’s his boss Raguel, the Archangel of Justice, who convinces Xavier that he needs to quit hiding and get back into action. Raguel even alludes that Rose’s case could lead Xavier to info about the identity of the traitor archangel who got him kicked out of Heaven and tried to bring about the apocalypse.

But Xavier soon discovers Rose lied to him. She’s not Lacy’s sister; she’s her mother. Rose is a former vampire companion who hasn’t aged a day in fifty years. And things get even more complicated when Lacy’s disappearance connects to the Equinox Agency’s investigation into the murder of several vampire companions, putting Xavier at odds with Desiree West once again. Xavier, and his mage sidekick, David Granger, find themselves in a race against time to find Lacy before the Equinox Agency does. But is she a victim or the killer?

If you haven’t read this series you should. Highly recommended.” —An Amazon reviewer