Knight’s Fall

Xavier Knight used to be an angel. These days he’s wingless, earthbound, and working as a detective in New Orleans—not a bad life as long as he steers clear of Lucifer’s bounty hunters. The beignets remind him of heaven, and he’s even made a friend. But just as he’s getting the hang of the whole being a mortal thing, his old immortal life comes back to bite him in the ass.

It was supposed to be a simple case—track down a stolen heirloom for a businessman with deep pockets. What Xavier finds instead is the real reason his wings got clipped. And it’s not because of a love affair gone wrong as he’d thought. Not by a long shot. Try a conspiracy to destroy humanity reaching all the way to the pearly gates. Toss in his ex-lover, who’s working for a secret government agency that thinks he’s in on the coming apocalypse, and it’s enough to give a guy a complex.

To clear his name and maybe get his wings back, he has to save the world. Meaning Xavier needs to ditch the lone wolf act he’s clung to like a safety blanket since falling to earth and ask for help. An apprentice mage on the run, a nosy storefront psychic, a vial of angel blood, and a surly cherub are hardly the stuff of legends. But they’re all he’s got.

Brings the Noir back into Urban Fantasy with a Pow! ” — An Amazon Reviewer