doing it to death

A 30-year-old murder. A dead ex-con. And a case of mistaken identity.

Trouble finds Kendra Clayton once again when a case of mistaken identity lands her smack in the middle of a beef between an ex-con named Dibb Bentley and Lewis Watts—an arrogant, vain lady’s man she can’t stand. Dibb hid something in Lewis’s house before he went to prison three decades ago. Now he’s out. And he wants it back. Only Lewis claims he doesn’t know what it is, let alone where it could be. Then Dibb’s dead body turns up in Lewis’s trunk, and he’s arrested.

Lewis begs Kendra to help him. But she’d love nothing more than to walk away. Unfortunately, Kendra can’t turn a blind eye when the evidence against Lewis doesn’t add up. And to make matters worse, she’s become a target herself. To figure out what the killer wants, Kendra must dig into a thirty-year-old murder case revealing the seedy side of her beloved hometown.

Doing It To Death is the sixth book in the Kendra Clayton mystery series. Click the buy button and join the legions of fans of this quirky, laugh-out-loud series that Library Journal called “Highly recommended.”

“…a great read with many twist & turns. You won’t be disappointed!”