Diva’s last curtain call

A dead actress. A sister accused of murder. And a teacher sleuth determined to protect her family.

Kendra Clayton’s spring break is proving to be anything but relaxing. Her TV host sister, Allegra, who craves attention the way Kendra craves hot fudge cake, arrives in town determined to land an interview with local screen legend Vivianne DeArmond.

But Allegra’s interview plans hit a glitch when she discovers the diva’s lifeless body in her dressing room, stabbed in the back with a letter opener. When the police peg Allegra as the prime suspect, Kendra jumps into action, whittling down the list of Vivianne’s enemies and uncovering some surprising Hollywood secrets putting her in danger of becoming the victim of a ruthless killer’s encore performance.

Diva’s Last Curtain Call is the third book in the Kendra Clayton mystery series. Click the buy button and join the legions of fans of this quirky, laugh-out-loud series that Library Journal called “Highly recommended.”

“. . .this series is made of inventive storytelling, crackling wit and that rarity of rarities in American publishing: an authentic, down-to-earth slice of Black life.”
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